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Tips to prevent Senioritis. Don’t wait by the mailbox for admission decisions!

You’ve worked hard, you have applied to college, and possibly you’ve already received some university acceptance letters. Congratulations! Because exciting as it might probably to life after high school, now is not the time for you slack off.

Sure, its second semester and summer time may feel just like it’s appropriate around the corner. But also if you had a stellar autumn semester academically, the school you end up attending will review your spring grades also once you’ve been admitted. If your grades decrease through the right time you were admitted, there’s a possibility that your admission could be rescinded. And no one wishes to deal with that.

Here are some tips on how to avoid senioritis:

Do enjoy yourself! You’re only a senior school senior when. Find a balance between hanging away with friends, attending school that is high, and buckling down to study for AP exams classes.

Never let your grades slip. You’ve worked hard for far too long to stop caring and start slacking. Colleges will require notice of a trend that is downward grades.

Do keep your eyes on the prize: college. You realize that saying that college shall be the ideal years in your life? Imagine how far more you’ll enjoy it knowing that you worked difficult in high school getting where you stand as a university student.

Never let others peer pressure you into not caring about your classes. Possibly some of one’s classmates Continue lendo